More Than Conquerors
School of Theology

Ennis, Texas
School of Theology
MTC’s Distance Learning Program (DLP)​

* Gives students the opportunity to listen to audio courses "online" at any time.

* DLP students may study at their own pace.
Students earn credits for each course that is satisfactorily completed. The number of credits received for each course has been predetermined by the amount of time that is required to complete it. Most courses are "3" credit courses. 



SD101 Knowing God’s Voice  
SD102 Mighty in Spirit 
SD103 Biblical Strategies For Confronting a Crisis  
SD104 Induction 101
SD105 Your Spiritual Weapons  
SD106 Activating the Power of God 
SD107 Leaving Egypt Behind 
SD108 Eight Steps to Canaan’s Land
SD109 Overcoming Overall 
SD110 Fervent Prayer  
SD111 Spiritual Warfare  
SD112 Spiritual Disciplines 
SD113 Revival 101 
SD114 Open Doors - Closed Doors 

Leaving Egypt Behind
Jail and Prison Ministry
Journey to Wholeness
Kingdom Living
Kings of Israel
Knowing God’s Voice
Leadership 101
Leaving Egypt Behind
Life of Christ I
Life of Christ II
Life of Moses
Making Disciples That Make a Difference
Making of a Christian Home
Managing by Objectives 
Mighty in Spirit 
Ministry Gifts
Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Ministry to the Poor
New Creation Image
Our Christian Heritage 1-5
Old Testament Tabernacle 
Open Doors - Closed Doors
Overcoming Overall
Nature of God
New Testament Theology
Parables of Jesus
Pastoral Counseling
Pastoral Epistles
Pastoral Ministry
Praise and Worship
Principles of Family
Prison Epistles
Mighty in Spirit 
Redemption and Salvation
Revival 101
Second Corinthians
Sermon on the Mount
Small Groups
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Growth in Christian Education
Spiritual Warfare
Study of the Holy Spirit I
Study of the Holy Spirit II
Survey of the New Testament I
Survey of the New Testament II
Survey of the New Testament III
Survey of the Old Testament I 
Survey of the Old Testament II
Survey of the Old Testament III
Teaching and Preaching
Teaching Tactics I
Teaching Tactics II
The Christian Home
The Missionary
Understanding Anxiety and Depression
Understanding End-times
Wholeness Love
Women, a Biblical Profile
Women in Scripture and Church History
Your Spiritual Weapons

Activating the Power of God
Angels and Demons,
Altar Counseling
Allegiance and Scripture
Art of Mentoring 
Authority of the Believer
Battle for the Body
Bible and Money
Bible Study I
Bible Study II
Biblical Counseling
Biblical Management
Biblical Prophecy I
Biblical Prophecy II
Biblical Strategies for Confronting a Crisis
Biblical Themes
Biblical Theology of Christian Education
Book of Acts
Book of Daniel
Book of Genesis
Book of the Revelation
Building Blocks of Truth I 
Building Blocks of Truth II
Christian Character 
Christian Leadership
Christian Psychology
Christianity and Competing World Views 
Church Administration
Church Discipline
Church Fellowship
Church Government
Church Planting
Church Triumphant
Conflict Management
Counseling in Suffering
Crisis Counseling
Cults, Heresies and Occult
Developing Effective Teaching Strategies
Discipleship 101
Doctrine of God
Eight Steps To Canaan's Land
Epistle of Paul to the Romans
Epistle to the Hebrews
Fervent Prayer
First Corinthians
Foundation for Marriage
Foundations of Faith
Fulfilling the Great Commission I
Fulfilling the Great Commission II
Fulfilling the Great Commission III
Genesis, Joshua/Judges/Ruth
God’s Provision for Healing
God’s Word Revealed 1-12
Gospel and the Kingdom 
Gospel of Matthew I
Gospel of Matthew II
Historical Jesus
History of Biblical Counseling
Holy Spirit
Induction 101
Introduction to Bible Study Å
MTC is a ministry to the nations of Evangelistic Messengers Association. E.M.A. was established as a ministry to "independent" ministers in 1933. Evangelistic in "vision," with a "desire" to be God's messengers to the nations.